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Stationary Container System Certificates

If you have a tank containing a hazardous substance that exceeds 5,000 L capacity, you will need a Stationary Container System Certificate (SCS Certificate).  A Stationary Container System includes any storage tank used for holding hazardous substances and its associated pipework.

If you think you may need a SCS Certificate, contact us and arrange for an inspection of the system.  If the container system is compliant under HSNO and meet the regulations adequately, a SCS Certificate will be issued.

There are two main variations of stationary container systems to which slightly different rules apply, and these are process containers and any tank connected to a burner or engine (excluding engines for the purpose of transport).

A process container is any tank in which hazardous substances undergo or form part of a process.  Examples are mixers, LOSP treatment vessels, hide treatment vats, etc.  A SCS Certificate is required for any process vessel exceeding 1,000 L in capacity.

Any tank exceeding 60 L capacity and supplying a burner, 50 L capacity supplying an engine with Class 3.1A, 3.1B or 3.1C with fuel, or 500 L supplying an engine with 3.1D fue (i.e. Diesel) is also required to be issued with a SCS Certificate.  This does not apply to domestic oil burning facilities.

Furthermore, any petrol tank exceeding 2,500L in capacity also needs certification.

If you need more information concerning the rules surrounding tanks and tank certificates, take a look at the information available through the Useful Links page of this site, or contact us.

At present, John Downey's approval as a test certifier of stationary container systems has expired, and we are awaiting the renewal of this by Worksafe New Zealand.  Until that takes place, we have contracted another test certifier, Dianne Stockdale, Test Certifier No. TST 000047, to act as our test certifier for stationary container systems.

Like most test certifiers in New Zealand, there are limitations on the types and sizes of tanks we will be able to certify, but these limits should not affect most people.  If you do have large tanks containing hazardous substances, please talk to us about this.  We may be able to point you to another test certifier who is approved for such tanks, and whom we are comfortable in recommending.