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Location Test Certificates


Do you need a Hazardous Substance Location Compliance Test Certificate for your site?

If so email us or use the enquiry form to tell us what substances you have; either John Downey or Bruce Avery will come out and conduct a site inspection with the aim of issuing you with a Location Test Certificate. 

If your hazardous substance storage, treatment etc is compliant under the rules and regulations of HSWA (Health & Safety at Wok Act 2015), we will issue a Compliance Location Certificate. 

If there are compliance issues with the site however, we will give advice on reaching compliance and work with you on bringing the site up to a level where a certificate can be issued.

Not sure if you need a Location Certificate?  Look at the Classes 1 – 5 Controls in the Useful Links section of this site.

The list of threshold quantities of hazardous substance above which a Location Certificate is required can be found towards the end of that document, in Schedules 3 table 4, Schedule 4, table 2, and Schedule 5, Table 1.

Note that John Downey's approval as a test certifier is currently being reviewed and we are awaiting the decision of this by Worksafe New Zealand.  Until that happens, we will continue to carry out the inspections, but have contracted Dianne Stockdale of Test Cert Solutions Ltd, Test Certifier No. 000047, to act as our test certifier.