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Other Products

Updraft Vent


Atmospheric Updraft vents are installed at the top of storage tank vent pipes on underground and above-ground fuel storage tanks.

They are fitted with a 500 micron gauze which chills the flame from an external fire. This prevents flashback down the vent pipe which may result in an explosion.



Downdraft Vent

downdraft_vent.jpg These are available in 25mm BSP fitting only and are used on small tanks, typically up to 2000 Litres.


Pre-Vent Fuel Caps


Available only in 3 inch NPT, female socket. These are designed for use with trailer tankers up to 2000 Litres and feature a pressure-vacuum valve arrangement inside the cap.

A lockable bail deters theft and a hole is present so the cap can be chained to the tank.


Kolor Kut

Kolor_Kut.jpg Available in 3oz tubes. This is the original Kolor Kut and the orange paste turns bright red on contact with water. This grade is not suitable for use with oxygenated fuels.

Monitoring Well Keys                    

Monitoring_Well_Key.jpg This is the special key to undo the triangular lock on monitoring wells.