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John Downey

John Downey is the Technical Director of Enviroservices (2002) Ltd.  With more than 40 years of involvement in hazardous chemicals, he is well placed to provide advice on a wide range of situations that involve hazardous chemicals.  John has always been a generalist, rather than a specialist.  This means he has accumulated an understanding of an extremely wide range of industries, to the point where he has a general comprehension of the operational needs of most industries encountered in New Zealand.  He is also passionate about cross-pollination of information and principles between industries, to everybody’s benefit.

 He is currently approved by WorkSafe New Zealand for Approved Handlers covering Classes 2 to 9, conducting many Courses, including in-house.  His Test Certification Number is TST #000032.  He is also a HSNO Auditor for locations covering Classes 2 to 9, for Stationary Containers holding hazardous substances.  

 He holds certification from the American Petroleum Institute for:

API 653 Authorised Tank Inspector #32410.

In 2013 he completed a training course in India on API RP579, covering fitness for service of tanks and pipework.

In the past, he has also held:

API570 Authorised Process Pipework Inspector #33328

API510 Authorised Pressure Vessels Inspector #33328

 John has been Director of the company since 2002.  Prior to that, he spent 15 years as a Dangerous Goods Inspector with Waitemata City Council, which became Waitakere City Council in 1990.  He also spent six years with Smith Biolab Ltd as a sales consultant selling laboratory equipment and chemicals, plus six years with Henry H York & Co Ltd in the 1970’s, selling industrial chemicals.

 John holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemistry from the Central Queensland University.  He was a volunteer firefighter for 11½ years, and in 2009 he was appointed as a reservist Flight Lieutenant with the RNZAF, in the role of specialist HAZMAT Officer.


Miriam Downey

Miriam is a Director and Executive Assistant of Enviroservices.  She has been involved in the administrative side of Enviroservices on a full-time and part-time basis since the company began. Miriam has had an increasing role in the Approved Handler renewal process. A former high school teacher, she has had many years of experience in secretarial and Personal Assistant roles in both Government departments and the private sector.


Bruce Avery

 Bruce joined the Enviroservices team in May 2012 as a HSNO Auditor, working under the direction of both John Downey and other Test Certifiers. He is eligible to apply to WorkSafe New Zealand for approval as a Test Certifier in his own.


Prakash (PJ)

 PJ, with an accounting & finance background, is the Officer Manager, who joined Enviroservices in mid-2007.

He oversees the accounts, general administration, and booking and scheduling of Approved Handler courses.  Any enquiries pertaining to these should be directed to him.